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  • Some of our Clients

      Since 2005 Lunchbox Films has been touring the UK helping young people in schools and communities create their very own animations!

      Take a look at some of our work and if you like it let us know by clicking the heart!

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    • Dr Markus & the Tomb of Gloom
      by St.Hubert's Primary School, Birmingham

      Made by year 5 under 'Creative Partnerships' the film set out to encourage creative writing and support their current 'Egyptian' project.

      Award Winner! Leeds Young Peoples Film Festival - under 14 category: http://www.leedsyoungfilm.com

      Watch this film on YouTube

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      Project Length - 12 days
    • Aztec Gold
      by Victoria Park Primary School, Birmingham

      Made under 'Creative Partnerships' the project set out to boost confidence in the spoken word and encourage creative writing.

      Inspired by their Mexican project, year 3 animated an Aztec calendar and wrote this catchy soundtrack!

      Watch this film on YouTube

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      Project Length - 10 days
    • Adobe CS6 Student Promo Campaign
      by Commissioned by Adobe and Experience Worldwide.

      Someone at Adobe like our style and asked us to take part in their Student CS6 Promo campaign.

      See our efforts at 0:25 (Blink and you'll miss it!)

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      Project Length - 1 day
    • 3 Stories Mansion
      by 8 young people from Rutland County.

      Week long animation workshop held at Uppingham Community College.

      Made by 8 young people from Rutland County under the extended services scheme. (August 2010)

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      Project Length - 5 days
    • Fantastic Mr Fox
      by Manor House Library, London

      This animation is a trailer for Roald Dahl's classic children's book 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.

      It features drawings and animations inspired by the story and Quentin Blake's illustrations. (October 2009)

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      Project Length - 1 day